OneCoin lose Hong Kong bank account in 2 weeks

A fortnight ago we reported on OneCoin having lost their Italian bank account, and opening up new one in Hong Kong.
The Italian bank account was opened up with Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena on or around September 21st. Twenty-four hours or so later and it was gone.
Now it appears the OneCoin’s Hong Kong bank account has also been closed.
OneCoin had opened up their Hong Kong bank account with China Construction Bank (Asia) Corporation Limited, under the shell company “Foshan Everbright Import & Export Company Limited”.
Ari Widell reports that upon learning of OneCoin’s Hong Kong bank account, hecontacted the bank with money laundering concerns.

The bank responded swiftly and suggested that I’d better contact the Hong Kong police. I took the advise and forwarded the information to the police.
Earlier this week Hong Kong police got in contact with Widell and he provided them with further information.
I was asked by the police to provide more information and asked if I were a victim of this crime.
Well, I’m not a victim but I provided an info pack about the case and also informed about the ongoing police investigations in Sweden and in the U.K.
In the last twenty-four hours OneCoin have removed the China Construction Bank account from the affiliate backoffice, suggesting either the bank or Hong Kong police shut the account down. The account lasted just two weeks.
OneCoin’s longstanding accounts with United Overseas Bank (Singapore) and Bank of Africa (Tanzania) remain open.
Neither bank appears to be concerned with potential liability for turning a blind eye to money laundering and Ponzi fraud.

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    around july, 2016, onecoin opened an office in hongkong under the name of ‘ONECOIN SERVICES LTD’ at:
    Unit 2203, 22/F, Tower 1, Admiralty Centre, 18 Harcourt Road,
    Admiralty, Hong Kong
    ph: +852 2171-3500
    this is how an affiliate described the office:
    CONGRATULATIONS! This is another innovation that ONECOIN lead by our Pretty, kind and the Founder/President of ONECOIN DR. RUJA IGNATOVA through JUHA PARHIALA with their Director and Manager here in Hong Kong Dir Fernando Rys. Guys, this is an interview one on one with DIR. FERNANDO RYS on this Grand Opening of ONECOIN SERVICES LTD.
    The facility is perfectly designed with complete offices for our Founder DR. RUJA IGNATOVA.
    The office has first the RECEPTION area then Function room that can accomodate more or least hundred of visitors. The stage is elevated for speaker can be seen by guest and delegates.
    Mr. Rys toured me on the whole facilities with a total area of 600SM. We go also on the conference room that can accomodate 30 guest then proceeded to the Officers and staff offices. The Office of Mr Fernando was shown and we seated for short dialog then just adjacent side is the office of Dr. Ruja Ignatova. It is perfectly done that blend the beauty of our founder.
    On the other side is the IT office then shown also is the Office staff with many Loptops. After we move to the pantry room and the last exit is small conference room that is just adjacent side of the Reception area.
    Moreover, I can say that the office is so safe as per my assistment since I am also an ISO Auditor. They furnitures ar all safe speaking of natural hazards cause by earthquake. Installed with Fire Extinguishers in case of Fire. Compulsary to Hong Kong goverment with water sprinlers. and outsie is water hose hydrant.
    I can say that the facility is safe to all guest and visitors coming in.
    if the hongkong police has shown ‘interest’ in onecoin perhaps they should be informed that onecoin runs an office there, which will make their investigation all that more easier. we have seen that many countries in europe cannot make much headway investigating onecoin as the company has no ‘formal’ presence there.
    i suspect hongkong is the ‘neutral’ territory from where onecoin runs its booming business in china at an arms length. if hongkong falls, onecoin will find it difficult to sustain its market in china.
    onecoin hongkong office tour:

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    video of onecoin hongkong director fernando rys at a training session at the hongkong office on july 31, 2016:
    i don’t know how easy it is to travel between mainland china and hongkong, but i suspect the ‘function’ room and ‘conference’ room at the hongkong office are for recruitment of chinese affiliates.

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    tom mcmurrain the convicted felon who secretly peddles onecoin in the US under the garb of the ‘new currency university’, has published a video on the 18th of october, 2016, explaining why onecoin is not a ponzi scheme.
    he has been to prison for ponzi fraud, and yet does not seem to understand what a ponzi is, or is purposefully misleading potential onecoin investors.
    apparently, because onecoin delivers it’s education package and a one time MLM commission, it is not a ponzi. well yeah, this is the 100% internal consumption of grossly overpriced ‘product’ which is the Pyramid Scam part of onecoin.
    also he says, because onecoin is not ‘guaranteeing’ any returns and is not ‘obligated’ to purchase onecoins from affiliates, it is not a ponzi. but, guarantees are not required for a scheme to be a ponzi. an ‘expectation’ of returns which are paid from subsequent investments, is enough to be deemed a ponzi.
    mcmurrain says onecoin has no autoship, so it is not a ponzi. i don’t know why he accents this point so strongly, as though the mere presence of autoship makes a scheme a ponzi!
    a ‘one time’ purchase can equally make a scheme a ponzi. it is obvious that mcmurrain is just spouting nonsense with an air of authority, to lull potential investors who are increasingly reading about onecoin being a ponzi and are unsure about investing.
    lastly mcmurrain says a straight faced lie, claiming that with the recent merchant app [the MAB], businesses around the world are signing up to ‘accept’ onecoins and with this ‘usability’ the ponzi argument is defeated. he says bitcoin and ethereum have not been able to figure ‘usability’ yet!
    we now know that the MAB has no mechanism for transferring coins to merchants, and onecoin has itself said that merchants cannot accept coins till it goes public sometime in 2018.
    and oh, to prove his expertise in the subject of ponzi schemes, in the initial part of the video he claims he’s had a ‘half a million dollar battle with the federal govt’ over a ponzi issue. he forgets to add this ‘battle’ ended with the federal govt throwing his sorry ass in jail for ponzi fraud!

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    I hate scams
    OneCoin cult members have been sharing his videos with this same claim and “evidence” for a while. Repeating lies and nonsense doesn’t make it true.

  5. #5
    Most interesting part of the video is where he says that onescam has made so many millionaires and even more “100K dudes”.
    YET, never does he explain where does all that money come from then? If not from newly invested funds. It’s just full retarded video and I LMAO while watching it.

  6. #6
    Chris Bailey
    So many lies from Tom McMurrain.
    One of the few things he actually told the truth about is that he definitely knows what a ponzi scheme is. As anjali noted, he’s a felon that bilked over 7 million dollars out of his victims.
    And he loves to peddle ponzis and pyramids…
    The only time the public was safe from this guy was when he was in prison.
    Unfortunately, he was set free to continue his scamming ways in January 2010
    From the Federal Bureau of Prisons..
    Register Number: 56441-019
    Age: 48
    Race: White
    Sex: Male
    Released On: 01/15/2010
    Nobody with a lick of common sense should take this guy seriously.

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    I sign up as a new OneCoin affiliate.
    I invest funds into OneCoin tokens at a price per token set by OneCoin.
    OneCoin increases the internal value of the tokens and I put in a withdrawal request on my tokens.
    OneCoin pay me a ROI with subsequently invested funds.
    Until McMurrain explains how the above is not a Ponzi scheme, he’s full of shit.
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